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CHS Dakota Prairie is your local supplier for CHS Payback feed.

Get your herd off to a good start and maximize your profits with CHS Nutrition mineral and feeds. Call for our bulk prices on CHS Payback Head Start and CHS Payback Bull Challenger.  We have a great booking price on Creep Feed. Bulk feed products available  with custom medication blends or are also available in non-medicated formulas. Products designed with great gain return on your calf crop.

  • Animal health. Call for competitive prices on Dectomax pour on in the 5-liter size and other Pfizer animal health products such as parasite fly control products including SafeGuard and Valbazen.
  • Full line of z-tags. Custom laser engraved ear tags available upon request.
  • Calving supplies. We have all your calving supplies including electrolytes and a wide range of milk replacers. We have colostrum, which is very important to get into newborn calves asap.
  • Vet supplies.
  • Salt for livestock in blocks or bags. White, footrot, and trace mineral salt in blocks or bags. Cobalt in blocks only.
  • Pest control products, sprays, and traps. Yard use products such as Tempo, Guard Star, and Demon (great for spiders).
  • Water softener salt. Check our prices on mini cubes and coarse crystals in 50-pound bags and Rust Buster in 40-pound bags. Many stores sell all salt products in 40-pound bags, get more for your money at CHS Dakota Prairie.
  • Twine. We have 10,000 ft. and 16,000 ft. sisal twine. We also have plastic and some wraps. Stop in and check our new prices.
  • Fly Control. We have fly tags and fly control with Smart Lic tubs IGR.

We Deliver Payback Liquid

Supplementation of pasture and stored forage is vital to the production and profitability of your cattle. Forage alone doesn’t provide all the needed nutrition. Payback Liquid can help with supplemental protein, vitamins, and trace minerals. 

  • Provides supplemental protein and energy.
  • Enhances rumen function.
  • Improves body condition.
  • Increases forage digestibility.
  • Convenient lick tank feeding.
  • Custom blends and safeguard supplementation available for parasite control while your herd is most vulnerable.
  • Most prices include delivery.
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