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We can’t say enough about our commitment to safety for our employees, our customers and our neighbors. At CHS, health and safety are top priorities in our operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Measures such as regular safety meetings, employee health programs, comprehensive disaster plans, and ongoing training help employees do their jobs safely. We want every employee to return home safely after work each day – and we want that for our patrons and community, too. That is the foundation of our ZERO Incidents safety goal at CHS.

CHS Safety and Compliance Policies

Our CHS safety program satisfies regulatory requirements and ensures compliance. It is the policy of CHS to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

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Safety Resources

Give one of the greatest gifts to your loved ones… use safe grain handling, safe equipment operation and other safe practices on your farm. Teach your kids about farm safety.

View the Propane Education and Research Council interactive website for kids, which was funded by a grant from CHS. 

Visit one of these sites for more information on containing agriculture safety. These sites are not affiliated with CHS Dakota Prairie or CHS, Inc. 

Grain Handling Safety Coalition

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day

OSHA Grain Handling Guidelines

Successful Farming Magazine – Health and Safety Articles

ZERO incidents goal

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